Brownies, Dresses and Rare Comets

Bigs went back to school this week, which is crazy— it’s still summer! But I’m not complaining. Smalls and I have been spending a lot of special time together. She’s always been a daddy’s girl but I’m determined to make her mine, all mine.

foodstirs, summer popsicle kit, brownie popsicles, bubba n boo boo, apron dress, cooking and crafts“How about we make some brownie popsicles today?” [Squeals]

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DIY Washtub Bass

Last weekend we were invited to a Hootenanny by my good friends Shannon and Stacie of Mommytonk. They are silly and southern and swear a lot so I knew it would be a good time.

washtub bass, hootenanny, mommytonk

I felt inspired to bring a little extra somethin’. But I was all outta moonshine…   Continue Reading…

Time for Invisalign

*This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and embarrassing photos are my own.

Fetch the DeLorean, I need to bring Invisalign back to my teen years!

If only I’d had something like Invisalign Teen during adolescence— my life would’ve been so much different. No embarrassing spinach smiles. No medieval tightening. No photographic evidence of wire mouth to haunt me throughout my life. What in the world would I have done with all that self esteem?

IMG_0350Instead I became her. Another awkward teenager in a fuzzy boa with a mouthful of metal. Please can we get in the time machine now?   Continue Reading…

Meeting Mabel

You now how when you’re a kid and you say to your best friend, “One day our kids will be best friends” and then you grow up and they are? But somewhere in the middle you began to wonder if you were ever going to make it to babies or marriage or even adulthood at all? So you forgot that you said that until it actually happened and when it did it was like the world stopped and everything came into complete focus and you realize that life is perfect and so you cry, you just bawl like a little tiny baby?

meeting mabel

That’s what it was like for me when my kids met Baby Mabel.

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BlogHer14 Photo of the Year

I’m passionate about many things— home design, DIY, crafts, parenting… but I’ve always judged myself against the “experts” in these fields: people with design degrees, perfect Pinterest pictures, published books. “It’s been done before” is a thought that often holds me back from doing. Recently, the frequency of my posts had slowed down, overwhelmed by all the “been done befores” and “been done betters” out there.


I felt rudderless. So I bought a ticket for BlogHer, a giant blogger conference where thousands of (mostly) female bloggers get together to learn how to improve their blogs, make connections, and seek inspiration. I was hoping for a road sign. Something to help me sift though the noise and guide me in the right direction. If I didn’t find it, maybe a few drinks with friends IRL would help.   Continue Reading…

The Sex (Toy) Scandal

You know that feeling when you get home from a long trip? No more hotels, no more suitcases, no more security lines. With the journey behind you, you can finally relax in the comfort of home sweet home. You shower off the virus-filled recycled air and coach-class pretzel smell and put on your softest cotton pajamas. The ones you thought you had brought on your trip, but forgot. As you crawl into your cozy bed— the one that is like no other, because it is imprinted with the unique shape of you and your loved one— you spot something new, something you’ve never seen before, sitting on the vanity. It is small and white, cube-shaped… and as you move closer… its identity becomes clear. It is a die. But instead of the usual dots, it is covered in red hearts and instructions on how to pleasure someone. It is a sex toy. But it is not YOUR sex toy.

sex toy scandal, housekeeper, nanny, help, house sitter, vacation, die, sex game

Do you know that feeling?

It’s a strange combination of shock, confusion, violation, and holy-crap-I-can’t-wait-to-write-about-this.    Continue Reading…

Wizard of Oz Kid’s Room

Shortly after moving in to our house, Katherine Brophy, The Feng Shui Detective came for a home visit. Following much measurement and calculation, she wrote up our personal charts and gave us a detailed report on which elements were needed around the house to benefit each member of our family. Turns out Pearl needs wood element in her room- represented by blue and green.

wizard of oz, kids room, girls room, blue and green kid's room, non-pink girl's room, dwell studio kid's room,

And so the road to Oz began.

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Codependence Day

The Fourth of July is a big deal here. Like many neighborhoods across America, there’s a big parade and big barbecues and big fireworks. And in our neighborhood, the whole thing starts with a big race.

race, july fourth, fourth of july, will rogers, pacific palisades, codependence, marriage, family, race

It’s a remarkable moment where it seems the entire community comes together in a Coca-Cola commercial kind of way, but the truth is, the whole day is a grind. I mean, the prepping of snacks and slathering of sunscreen, the dragging of children to and fro, dealing with lines and crowds and heat and ugh, port-o-potties…


My husband and I always end up having an argument on July Fourth.

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Kid-Friendly Sparklers

Happy Fourth of July, Fellow Americans! Before you fire up those bottle rockets and roman candles, don’t forget to let the little ones in on the action.

fourth of july, kid-friendly sparklers, july fourth, paper straw sparklers, foil paper, fourth of july crafts, kids,

These kid-friendly sparklers are super easy to make and little digits will remain attached to little hands.

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Top 25 SoCal Moms!

Photo of the Year Winner!

I was selected for VOTY/PhOTY 2015