Has Being a Mother Made Me a Better Waitress?

So I had this idea to work a shift in a diner to see if being a mom had made me a better waitress. It was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted post–  but it took a little turn. Check out my piece on Huffington Post to read how everything changes when you have kids. Including the way we handle sexual harassment.

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Log Warmers

In LA most of us are looking at your wintery posts of snowmen and ice skating and warm cozy fires with envy. But there’s one thing we have that you don’t.

log warmers, logs, yarn, crafts, holiday decor, fireplace, leg warmers, upcycle, sweaterLog warmers on our fire logs!

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DIY Paper Tassel Garland

While helping my friend make paper tassel garlands for her event Club Mom Me Fall Family Fest, I decided to make a video tutorial so that her staff could help us when they come in on Monday. Then I thought– why not make the video public? Et voila- Home Made Mimi’s first YouTube video! My husband did a great job shooting with my phone while the kids watched Mary Poppins in another room (gotta love that woman). I hope you all find this paper tassel garland super easy to make and string one together for your next party!

Recipe for Disaster

Today I’d like to share a modern take on a recipe that has been with my family for generations. This particular form of Disaster originated in Southern Babylonia and was etched into twelve ancient tablets before going viral on Pinterest just last week. I’ve adapted the recipe to fit our gluten-free diet, but all variables can be substituted with more or less the same results.

recipe for disaster

Disaster is best served on a bed of fresh avoidance.   Continue Reading…

Toga Party. Or, Why Grown Ups Should Play Dress Up.

Despite what some people say, Halloween is NOT just for kids. Who said that anyway? Someone slap some Groucho glasses on that guy. No one has the right to say what something is or is not for any one group of people.

toga party, toga costume

OK, fine. One declarative statement is allowed: TOGA PARTY is not for children.  Continue Reading…

Cooked Play-Doh

I’ve made some great non-cooked play-doh in my years as a mom. Non-cooked is quick and easy to do with kids, but I had always wondered if cooked was better. During a quiet moment while the kids were occupied in another room, I decided to try a cooked recipe by Goopy Gal.

cooked play-doh

Cooked play-doh felt more like name brand Play-Doh than any other recipe I’ve tried. Excellent texture and impressive longevity.  Continue Reading…

Easy Hawaiian Vacation: Part 2

“Look, Mommy! Dots on my arm… from the rain!” Things desert-dwelling California kids say when they go hiking in a Hawaiian rain forest.

iso valley, mauiIn the ancient tribal grounds of the Iao Valley the land was lush and the rivers beautiful. We hiked to a view of the highest point (the needle) and swam in the river. But the best part was getting caught in a rain shower. Our Maui trip was full of adventure. Continue Reading…

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