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Home Made Mimi on YouTube!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

After DIY blogging for a couple years, I’ve received many requests for video tutorials. Well, folks, the day is finally here: Check out Home Made Mimi on YouTube— (soon to be) chock full of valuable home improvement DIY videos! And silliness. Always silliness. For my first video, my friend Candie requested I do a tutorial on how to hang a flat screen TV. Excellent idea, Candie… but first we gotta find the studs! Please enjoy, share and subscribe!

And don’t forget to check me out on TLC’s What She Said airing this fall!

DIY Princess Leia Buns

Today I offer you: DIY Princess Leia buns! But before you get the wrong idea, let me be clear: these buns are not just for young children. I know this to be true because I made them. And I happen to be wearing them right now.

DIY princess leia bunsThe force (and a little yarn and glue) is with me. Let me show you the way young Jedi…   Continue Reading…

Piano Players

I really want a piano. If my kids love playing it, great, but if they don’t, I don’t want to be stuck with an ugly piano that no one plays. I would at least prefer to be stuck with a pretty piano that no one plays.

baldwin acrosonic

Like this one.  Continue Reading…

Giant Bubble Solution

Over the years I’ve been to a few birthday parties where the parents hire “The Bubble Man” or some such persona, a professional bubble maker who entertains the kids with bubble tricks– including the one where the kid steps into the center of a kiddie pool and gets enveloped by a giant bubble. It’s always seemed magical to me, and I’ve wanted to do it at home but didn’t have a recipe.

giant bubble solution

Well, folks. I have been busy experimenting. The lab is splattered with suds. And today I share my fantastic giant bubble solution with you.  Continue Reading…

TLC’s New Show: What She Said (I’m on it!!)

You guys I have been sitting on this HUGE SECRET for months, and keeping it contained has not been easy! But I am now free to stand on the hilltop, tug at my suspenders and announce that… I’m on a new show for TLC called What She Said and it premieres Mother’s Day May 10th!!! 


what she said, tlc, michelle villemaire, homemademimi

Me! The crafty little blogger with big dreams a small blog. I mean come on, all of the things I love (blogging, family, DIY, comedy) coming together in the form of one GINORMOUS dream job!*

I cannot think of one smart ass thing to say right now. My heart is full and my gratitude runs deep.

I will just have to save the other stuff for the camera.


“What She Said features some of the country’s funniest comics commiserating, venting, and speaking the truth about being women. The cast will dish on social media, timesaving secrets, and with no-nonsense attitudes come together for a real conversation — with lots of laughter — about the chaos of modern living and motherhood.” -TLC

Stay tuned for much more on this. It is thrilling. And nerve-wracking. And it also brings up all kinds of issues (self-esteem, career, possibility of fame??) and I need to process!!

Thank you all for reading along with me for the last couple of years… I know you’re there and I appreciate your support so very much!! xoxo

TLC’s new show What She Said premieres Mother’s Day May 10th at 11pm. Set those DVRS!


*Still pinching myself.



Pi Party

It’s Pi Day, everyone! I am posting today to tell you that Pi Day doesn’t have to only come once a century. Math geeks and pie lovers unite…pi partyThrow a Pi Party!

Continue Reading…

Women of Yarnbomb

It started with one tree. I would just yarn bomb one tree. Just the trunk, in fact. While crocheting and listening to Aretha Franklin on Pandora, I decided to name that piece Aretha. As my plan evolved, I decided to also yarn bomb two more big trees and stuck with A for the first letter. Those became Amelia Earhart and Anna May Wong. (My sister-in-law knitted Amelia- one of the only knit pieces in the project.)

But then I just kept on going. I decided to also cover the smaller pear trees, the benches and the lampposts. To keep track of my work I continued to name each piece after a notable woman. And it became a way to honor women for National Women’s History Month, while creating yarn pieces that could become blankets for women living in shelters.

sally ride, women of yarnbomb

If I’ve learned anything in this process, it’s that there are many, many great women who have made history, many who are currently making history, and not nearly enough crap to cover in yarn.

My 7-year-old Pearl named several after women she’s studied in school. My process was a little random, and often about my personal history.

Here’s the breakdown:   Continue Reading…

Top 25 SoCal Moms!

Photo of the Year Winner!

I was selected for VOTY/PhOTY 2015