Modern Matzoh House

Happy Passover! Tonight we’ll attend Seder at a friend’s house but I’ll never forget last year’s celebration when our family visited.

modern matzoh house, matzo house, matzah house, kids, food crafts, jewish holiday crafts

Creativity was in full force… A Passover play. A knitted Seder plate egg. And this modern matzoh house!

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Easy Soy Sauce Pasta

This morning the girls had a playdate over here so I had to make lunch for a bunch.

easy soy sauce pasta, recipes, asian  food, asian kids food, easy dinner, lunch

Easy Soy Sauce Pasta is a breeze to throw together and satisfies even the pickiest eaters.   read more »

Family Things to do in LA

This was Saturday

Today we had a family photo shoot with Stuart Townsley. I took this shot but I can only imagine what he got with his giant rocket booster camera.

stuart townsley photography, kids, family, photos, kay and dave's, toppingsBest part– the session was 30 minutes long! Stuart worked fast before the kids started complaining about the cold and asking where their treats were.

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This is Friday

On Fridays I drop Smalls at ballet.

kids, ballet, daughters, basketball, cupcakes, sisters

When I pick her up she runs to me and doesn’t finish the rest of class.  read more »


The Study

We call it the study. But that’s not quite it. The study. The walls aren’t forest green with dark walnut moulding.  It’s not filled with old legal books and vintage atlases. It does not smell of tobacco.

study, office, three rooms in one, guest room, organization, craft room, built-ins, sewing room,

What this room truly is is a 3-fer. An office, a sewing room and a guest room. But cramming three rooms into one has taken time. And it done been ugly.

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Crafts Family Parties

Vintage Circus Baby Shower

My best friend Lisa asked me to host her shower! “At my place,” she said. UGH. Her place is beautiful, but it’s like a museum—filled with expensive things always arranged just so. I almost feel like I’m messing it up just by standing there, breathing. There was no way I could bring my kiddie party aesthetic to her house. No, not Oz, nor Alice nor pancakes would do for this event. It needed to be elegant.

vintage circus baby shower, mommytonk, fortune teller,

To add to the challenge, Lisa had one simple request: NO GAMES. “No one is measuring my belly or guessing my weight. Capiche?” “Sure,” I said, hiding the puffy mallet behind my back…


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Family Health Things to do in LA

Underwood Farms

This morning I went to the doctor for my first round of food allergy testing. I am officially allergic to tuna, shrimp, almonds, tomatoes, oranges, milk and eggs (among other things). There are people all over the world right now receiving news that they have a terminal illness or that a loved one has passed, or that they didn’t get released from prison even though their attorney PROMISED they’d win on appeal, so I say this with a bit of shame but… what am I going to do without oranges??

Underwood farms, citrus, allergies

I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!   read more »


The Talk, Averted

I was driving when it happened. Blindsided.


“Mommy, how do you make a baby?”


I squinted at my 6-year-old in the rear view mirror. Then I quickly looked away. Focus on the road. Something else. Anything else.   read more »

Family Parties

Pancake Party

Vivi turned three! In our family, we celebrate this milestone with a pancake party.

pancake party, kids birthday party, DIY pancake party, decorate your own pancake party, diner birthday

Pancakes are yummy, but the real fun lies in the privilege of pouring syrup without parental guidance.   read more »


A Bag of Honest

Last week I went to the Honest Company’s 2nd birthday party in their beautiful new workspace in Santa Monica.

Honest, honest company, baby products, cleaning products, chemical-free, non-toxic

I met the lovely Jessica Alba and fellow co-founder Christopher Gavigan. I also had some great cake. Yes, that’s a faux bois layer.  read more »