Why I’m Yarn-bombing My Town

As a busy mom to little ones, I’ve been missing the days when I wasn’t responsible for anyone or anything. I’ve wanted to rebel. Spray painting graffiti feels a little too illegal, but covering a local park in soft, non-permanent yarn? THAT will be the perfect act of delinquency to satisfy my rebel heart.


I’ll do it guerrilla style. Don’t ask for permission, just ask for forgiveness, right?   Continue Reading…

Butcher Block Coffee Table

You already know that I don’t like spending a lot of money. You also know that I like nice things. Naturally, I like my things to look expensive even when they’re homemade.

butcher block coffee table, DIY, home made mimiSo when I started thinking about a coffee table for our small living room area, I knew I wanted to make something unique, but would hold up to furniture found in fancy stores.

When this gorgeous vintage butcher block presented itself, I snapped it up.   Continue Reading…

Flower Girl Tutu

There is nothing more versatile than a classic tutu. It easily transitions onstage to off. Day to evening. Grocery store to sand box.

flower girl tutu, DIYThe tutu is appropriate in any setting in any season under any circumstance and is especially perfect if you are exactly three and three quarters years old.

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Spice Rack Bookshelves

My daughter’s bedroom recently got spiced up. Pun fully intended. I turned these IKEA spice racks into easy-to-reach bookshelves. Now, if any of you scream “Nice Rack!” to me when I see you in town, I won’t flip you the bird because I’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

DIY, spice rack, bookshelves

Try it. I dare you.

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Win 6 Free Months of Storage with Clutter!

In Asian cultures, celebrating the new year includes getting organized and clearing out the clutter. In this multi-culti home we celebrate several new years, and each is a new opportunity to simplify our lives. I’m a firm believer in clear house/clear mind.


So last week I finally dealt with all the baby stuff. Yes, the “factory is closed” but I’ve been hanging on to much of it till my best friend had her baby. Guess what? She had her baby! This crap is hers now!  Continue Reading…

Has Being a Mother Made Me a Better Waitress?

So I had this idea to work a shift in a diner to see if being a mom had made me a better waitress. It was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted post–  but it took a little turn. Check out my piece on Huffington Post to read how everything changes when you have kids. Including the way we handle sexual harassment.

waitress, strong girls, empowerment



Log Warmers

In LA most of us are looking at your wintery posts of snowmen and ice skating and warm cozy fires with envy. But there’s one thing we have that you don’t.

log warmers, logs, yarn, crafts, holiday decor, fireplace, leg warmers, upcycle, sweaterLog warmers on our fire logs!

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DIY Paper Tassel Garland

While helping my friend make paper tassel garlands for her event Club Mom Me Fall Family Fest, I decided to make a video tutorial so that her staff could help us when they come in on Monday. Then I thought– why not make the video public? Et voila- Home Made Mimi’s first YouTube video! My husband did a great job shooting with my phone while the kids watched Mary Poppins in another room (gotta love that woman). I hope you all find this paper tassel garland super easy to make and string one together for your next party!

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